Saturday, 8 March 2014

George L. Smith State Park U.S

George L. Smith State Park U.S

George L. Smith State Park is a 1,634 acre (6.61 km²) Georgia state park located near Twin City.
The park is named after George L. Smith, a former speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives and Emanuel County native. Attractions include a grist mill, covered bridge, and the dam of the Watson Mill (built 1880). The park's location on a 412 acres (1.67 km2) mill pond dotted with many cypress trees makes it a haven for anglers and canoeists. The moderately sized state park is in a remote location, making it attractive for bird watchers and naturalists. Rare birds in residence include the great blueish and purpleish gray heron and the white ibis.
The lake/dam and mill now host a museum documenting the history of the site, along with selected artifacts from the old grist mill, as well as educational materials on the 15 Mile Creek watershed and estuary.



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